Content management and portal technology – interconnecting knowledge intelligently to ensure online success

Thanks to the support of mgm technology partners as a solution provider, one of the largest healthcare sites in the German-speaking world has been created at to provide customers of Wort & Bild with access to the full range of health-care information with current services and consulting via Internet.

Planning of the transformation procedures and data loads on the basis of the existing migration concept

The information provided at is targeted at the general public. In particular, it should be easy-to-use and easy-to-understand for a relatively high proportion of older Internet users. Users primarily consult the website to find out about healthcare matters or to specifically look for a doctor or a pharmacy. The online editorial team plays a key role at This team is responsible for the research, preparation and presentation of all content and services. The following requirements had to be met with regard to operating the site on a day-to-day basis:

  • Maximum ergonomics for the entire system:
    Intuitive entry and updating of content without technical know-how.
  • Context-specific interconnection of contents and intuitive presentation for users.
  • Easy integration of new services
    (e.g. videos, tests, doctors search, Brockhaus, online advice).
  • Quality assurance with regard to contents and availability.

Intelligence & Efficiency: Interconnection of articles as opposed to a hierarchical structure

“In collaboration with mgm technology partners, we specifically implemented technologies that enable interconnection to ensure that utilization is as easy and intuitive as possible, for both the editorial team and users,” said Harald Mandl, the editor-in-chief responsible for the project at Wort & Bild, assessing the objectives of the application of the technology.

Special features of the system: The articles are interconnected and not organized hierarchically. The interconnection approach developed during the project enables editors to integrate individual articles into a page, both manually as well as using automatic interconnection rules.

Article publication possibilities and the benefits of interconnecting content:

  • Articles are automatically arranged as attributes (e.g. “allergy”) relating to the article are entered. Corresponding content on the portal is indicated on the basis of these.
  • The editor can also set manual links (e.g. “stress”).
  • The location where this two-dimensional link is shown can be configured, depending on the page type respectively selected by the editor.
  • Any article can be indicated immediately in any page area in line with the editor’s requirements (e.g. “top topic”, “search result”, “detailed page”).
  • A corresponding doctors search is also provided on the subject chosen.

Based on this principle, a total of 6.5 million page variants are currently being managed in the editorial system, and all page contents are updated in five-minute intervals.

Technology: ensuring performance and scalability

The sophisticated software and hardware infrastructure behind the portal ensures the easy maintenance and user-friendliness of the highly dynamic and interconnected content. Clustered load-balancers distribute the queries across several interconnected strands. This ensures high speed, high availability and practically unlimited scalability. The system always keeps pace with the rapidly growing number of users and the increasing number of pages.

Added value for Wort & Bild: A highly-efficient, customised CMS

The use of the OpenCms core structure provides proven basic functionality, saving development time. However, Wort & Bild’s specific editorial processes and individual and intuitive user interfaces feature prominently. The result is an Open Cms-based editorial system that the editorial team enjoys using and can harness effectively. “The solution mgm delivered has provided our editorial team with an efficient, high-performance tool which does not require lengthy initial training,” enthused Harald Mandl, the editor-in-chief responsible for the project.

* This reference has been officially confirmed by Wort & Bild Verlag.