KS/Auxilia and the mgm insurance team design online processes for the new broker portal with Cosmo

In the planning phase for the new broker portal, support for brokers and regional offices was first analyzed to determine the future scope of the portal as the baseline for further portal development. Within only four weeks the sales and service processes were designed, coordinated and documented based on Cosmo. The result also included a newly created submission process and an HTML5 prototype of the new portal.

Challenge: Coordination between IT and business department

Coordination processes between the IT and business departments quite often take a lot of time; this applies to all sectors. One main reason is that the results are frequently recorded in the form of documents (e.g. functional specification or detailed specification in MS Word, UML, VISIO, ARIS). These are, however, often not precise enough for the programming based on them. And documents do not help the business department to really visualize the future system.

Now Cosmo offers a method that supports the structured design of the online business with prototypes for online sales and service processes of insurance companies. The design process can be planned with respect to time and cost and all insurance relevant functionalities for online business are also taken into account.

Fields of application of Cosmo:

  • Portals for brokers, agencies, end-users, co-operations
  • Rates, offers, quotations: design of online processes
  • Design of the web controlling for online systems
  • Co-operation with agencies by combining business processes with design/CI

Added value: Creation of prototypes and cycle time in the project

The added value of Cosmo is that functional prototypes can be created based on the results of technical specifications / discussions.

mgm Cosmo facilitates this through an extensive range of about 400 functional building blocks (e. g. offer process, liability, customer address management). Individual elements can be dragged and dropped on to the modelling interface and be combined according to the business context.

The status quo and the necessary pro-cess improvements were discussed in four one-day workshops according to this method. The project team transformed the results into prototypes until the next session was held. The status of the discussions was recorded and, if necessary, optimized for the whole team with Cosmo.

“We were all thrilled by the option for the direct creation of visual representations. These created traction and furthered the progress of the project. At each point in time we were able to decide which information to include in the new portal and we could at the same time check what could or couldn’t be implemented“, reports Christian Brendel, head of the division Application development KS/AUXILIA.

Long-term use of Cosmo: A new asset for internal collaboration

After only four weeks, KS/AUXILIA had a detailed description of their new broker portal plus an HTML prototype. Additionally, the company now possesses a proven method to further the development of their portal themselves.

* This reference has been officially confirmed by KS/AUXILIA.