Establishment of product-centered commercial management model in outsourcing

Starting Situation

  • In the course of multi-supplier outsourcing, the cost-by-cause allocation of services had to be reorganized
  • In addition, the order catalogs and processes for standardized and non-standardized services had to be adapted
  • The product managers had to be introduced to their changed tasks and their central role in the organization had to be anchored and new control variables had to be established


Project Goals

  • Establishment of a product-centric commercial management model for planning and invoicing
  • Harmonization of product portfolios, order catalogs, ordering processes and tools
  • Introduction of multi-supplier governance boards to manage change and run processe
  • Implementation of central product management



  • Actual and target description of the service portfolio
  • Development and introduction of E2E processes (plan – order – bill) across all (int. & ext.) interfaces
  • Multi-stage training of product managers in their new area of responsibility
  • Execution of joint programs with suppliers for continuous process optimization



  • Standardized product portfolio
  • Optimized ordering and billing processes for standardized and non- standardized services
  • Implemented prdouct lifecycle from customer demand to supplier (innovate- run- retire)
  • Established supplier governance