mgm successfully develops SAP Hybris based online marketplace further

For e-commerce strategists: Highly performant search and maximum security for marketplace in big data scenario

With more than 15 million products, 3,000 connected traders and more than 4.5 million customers DHL’s ranks among the most successful online marketplaces in Europe. In order to further expand this success continuously and securely on the basis of the SAP Hybris Commerce platform and mgm’s tools for trader enablement, the marketplace operator DHL has counted on mgm as development partner since 2011.

„To us“, comments mgm project manager Frank Müller, „the technological and personal trust our customer DHL is expressing by that, is a daily motivation to continuously optimize jointly with the Allyouneed product development and the specialist departments.“ This is done in short development cycles with the agile method Scrum on the basis of the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite which is highly flexible and expandable also within a complex marketplace environment.
In doing so, once again important strategic milestones for our customer‘s online marketplace could be achieved, respectively be developed further in an innovative way:

  • The migration to the open source search technology Solr which is suitable also for large data volumes.
  • The guarantee of highest security standards through regular security tests done by mgm security experts as well as by the technological implementation of all current security features and legal conditions.
  • The integration of the new PayPal interface Braintree.

Switching to Apache Solr: relies on scalable search

Reliable search and navigation functions are crucial for the growing online marketplace’s success. Also with large data volumes, should be scalable, the search index should be extendable and the search should provide better and quicker search results.
Therefore the implementation of the free of charge open source search solution Apache Solr was tackled jointly with our marketplace experts.
Within a few months only, the new search could be integrated with the basic functionalities of – from initial consulting to requirement analysis and evaluation up to the implementation and a subsequent performance tuning. The new search solution makes quick and robust also in the future, with central features like faceted navigation, proposal functions, auto completion and spell check of search queries as well as campaign functions based on that and implementable when required.

Highest security for traders and customers at

The security of tender and purchasing processes is another central online marketplace function which has to be continuously guaranteed. is well-known for highest security standards – ensured, among other things, by the regular security tests done by mgm security experts.
It were our specialists, too, who technologically implemented all technical and legal requirements for the online marketplace jointly with the customer team and by that once again reached full Group compliance.
Also in the area of secure payment systems, and mgm succeeded with an innovative advancement: Firstly, they could integrate the online payment system for cashless transactions on the internet SOFORT Überweisung; and could, in close coordination with PayPal, integrate the PayPal interface Braintree in an online marketplace as one of the first to do so.

Trader enablement with mgm tools: In-house developed trader management with self sign-up

With a growing online marketplace, a well-working, efficient trader management is crucial for the marketplace operator as well as for the connecetd traders. Therefore mgm developed an own onboarding tool for trader self-registration as well as diverse tender self-management tools for Besides others, for example for the product upload, the price and order management and for return and cancellation processes. „enables“ its traders worlwide with these mgm tools.

Meet the target group’s requirements in a highly flexible and scalable way: on SAP Hybris basis

The described successful enhancements of the online marketplace done by mgm could be achieved in e-commerce speed; while at the same time continuously guaranteeing the requirements of stability, maintainability and security which fulfil DHL’s reputation as well as the traders‘ and target group’s expectations. This could only be done thanks to the flexibility and expandibility of the SAP Hybris commerce platform.
“Allyouneed is not just any simple shop“, comments mgm project manager Frank Müller, „but a complex marketplace. mgm has the know-how for that and SAP Hybris provides the platform for staying successful and flexible.“
Therefore mgm and chose SAP Hybris modules for frontend, product content and web content management as well as for the customer service cockpit: The Storefront Hybris Accelerator, the Hybris Management Console, the Hybris Web Content Management System and the Hybris Customer Service Cockpit.

* This reference has been officially confirmed by DHL Allyouneed.