IT strategy & synergies for a newly founded company (Merger of 3)

Starting situation

  • Our client was in the midst of a merger with 2 other groups in Europe in order to jointly become the largest European beverage bottler
  • As part of the merger, the newly formed IT organization needed a business case (synergies) and a common IT strategy to not only support the ambitious business goals, but to actively drive the company’s digital transformation as an enabler


Project goals

  • Calculation of the expected synergies from the merger of the IT organizations
  • Development of an IT strategy for the newly established IT organization



  • Establishment of a solid actual cost basis, definition of metrics and benchmarks
  • Top-down analysis, identification of synergy candidates and determination of possible savings targets
  • Bottom-up reviews and commitments (DeepDive, benefit/risk assessments, ..)
  • Decision paper for the central steering committee of the entire merger
  • Development and alignment of an IT strategy framework
  • Development and alignment of the IT strategy via workshops with the CIOs



  • Expected synergies from the merger
  • IT strategy of the new company
  • Strategic foundation for the merger on the IT side