Transition & Transformation to build a new IT organization

Starting situation

  • Our customer was in the middle of a merger with 2 other groups in Europe in order to become the largest European beverage bottler
  • As part of the merger, a target IT organization had to be created from three IT organizations in eight countries. The existing IT organizations were now to be transferred and transformed into the defined target organization


Project goals

  • Transfer of the existing 3 IT organizations to the target organization with
  • ShutDown of the IT organization in the USA and transfer of the tasks to Europe



Setup of a Transition & Transformation Program

Transition First

  • Task Transfer der Aufgaben der USA-Organisation nach Europa
  • Shutdown of the USA organization

Transformation Second

  • Definition & setup of interim organization
  • Validation & planning of different transformation approaches and development of a transformation roadmap
  • Design of process organization and outline of target operating model
  • Benchmarking & validation of the sizing of the target organization




Building a Transition& Transformation Program

  • Shutdown of the USA organization
  • Establishment of an interim organization in Europe
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Outline of a Target Operating Model