Target IT organization design for a newly formed IT organization (Merger of 3)

Starting situation

  • Our customer was in the middle of a merger with two other groups in Europe in order to become the largest European beverage bottler
  • As part of the merger, a joint IT organization was to be defined from three IT organizations of the predecessor organizations


Project goals

  • Development of a target IT set-up organization for the new founded organization



  • Analysis of the 3 IT organizations and development of fact base (FTE, functions, salary, ..)
  • Alignment of the functional target Building Blocks
  • Assignment of actual functions to the Building Blocks & addition to the target functions
  • Clustering of functions – and derivation of a L1 organizational structure
  • Description of the L1 Units
  • Definition of the L2 and L3 Units and description of the L2, L3 Units
  • Development of a first Transition Matrix



  • Organization, structure (organization chart)
  • Unit descriptions from L1 to L3 level
  • Proposal of a future allocation (Central-Local)